This email is about the GEMini GUI file manager that I created and maintain for FreeDOS.

I have been getting some questions about the code and license underlying the GEMini GUI file manager, most especially because the next release of the file manager will use a lot of Digital Research GEM code instead of code generated by the FreeGEM community. Will this change the license that GEMini is released under?

In short, no. GEMini will be GPL. FreeGEM is based on the GPL DR GEM code. By going back to DR GEM code the license will stay the same.

The applications files included with GEMini Release 3 are as follows:

WRITE.* - parts of the write application, used to view files.  Released by
Caldera as GPL, but the source code was lost in a flooding at DR fifteen
years ago.

GEM.EXE the main GEM GUI file.  Source code available.

GEMVDI.EXE the GEM video file.  Source code available.

DESKHI an icon set.  GEM SDK can edit and alter this.

SDPSC9 video driver.  GPL, but the source code for this may also be missing.

DESKTOP.* this is the FreeGEM desktop 3.2.  Source code available.

DESK1.ACC an accessory set (GEM calculator and clock).  Source code

Everything apart from DESKTOP.* is now sourced from DR GEM 3.13 or DR GEM 1.6 code.

CHOICE is the FreeDOS choice.

CTMOUSE the same.

SHUTDOWN is a GPL application.

You can download GEMini Release 3RC3 at

GEMini Release 3 (final version) should be out in around a week. I will also have the sources to download from my site at that time.




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