Hi Mark, Mans,
as far as I understand, LASTDRIVE is the only problem.

> I can think of two simple things. First, try adding the line
> to your config.sys file.

Or to your fdconfig.sys file if you use that instead. FreeDOS
will first look for fdconfig.sys and use config.sys only if
there is no fdconfig.sys - useful on dual-boot systems.

> In autoexec.bat, you should have a line
> for the CDROM driver.  Mine is:

> mscdex.exe /D:MSCD001 /L:R

Mark, MSCDEX, for FreeDOS? We have SHSUCDX! It is small (in RAM
and on disk) and flexible :-)). Read the docs for SHSUCDX command
line option syntax, but it is quite similar to MSCDEX syntax.

> (config.sys contains
> device=oakcdrom.sys /D:MSCD001)

Well, FreeDOS does have ATAPICDD, a generic driver, but I must say
that ATAPICDD is far too SLOW and UNRELIABLE (it sometimes fails
to detect that a read error has happened), so OAKCDROM is okay at
the moment until ATAPICDD gets better. However, what is much more
useful is Acer VIDE-CDD 2.14 (you can get it as "real mode CD-ROM
driver" from their homepage). Very small, quite fast, works with
basically all IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drives. For SCSI drives, you would
get drivers from the SCSI controller vendor, e.g. Adaptec has a
nice collection on their page.

> the "/L:R" sets the CD drive letter to "R". If you have set it
> to something like "E", the third partition on the hard drive would
> also be "E" and you might have a problem.

I think that Mans did not use the /L option. He probably allowed
SHSUCDX to select a drive letter itself, but there were just not
enough drive letters left over. Using LASTDRIVE=Y will help :-).


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