Hi Mark is actually write when he writes:

> > <http://www.freedos.org/freedos/files/>. of 2004-12-01, but it doesn't 
> > contain programs like lynx (oe emacs, or anything other than base),
> as implied at http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/
> > What gives? Is there supposed to be a different CD for this, or are we 
> > supposed to download this stuff individually?

There SHOULD be a "full" CD with base AND the other categories, but we
would need helpers: To be included on the CD and to work with the auto-
mated install process, the programs have to be packaged in ZIP files with
some predefined directory structure. The few people (mainly Bernd with a
bit of help from Jeremy) who are preparing the CD-ROMs do not have enough
time to include all programs on a "full" CD, so at the moment, the "mini"
install is "all base binaries" and "full" is just a misleading name for
"all base binaries and all base source codes".

Any help would be welcome. The last CD-ROM which had ALL categories was
beta 8, which is years old. You can of course install beta 9 service
release 1 and then take the other programs from a beta 8 CD, but it is
probably better to download the programs which you want separately, e.g.
SETEDIT editor, OpenWatcom C/C++ and Arachne internet suite (www/mail/ftp).


PS to Arkady about FREEVER: Freever can do much more than CALLVER. The
problem is that the FREEVER sources got lost, but I have hopes that
somebody still has at least a binary. After all, even RBIL describes it!
FREEVER is a full clone of SETVER, while CALLVER just sets the reported
DOS version and then invokes a new shell instance to run one program.

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