1-Июн-2005 08:56 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Josef Angermeier)
wrote to "Arkady V.Belousov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>> JA> i've read that you use nasm + turbo C or open watcom as build
>> JA> environment for freedos. So i can't compile freedos on linux, right ?
>>      NASM+TC or NASM+OW is _not_ "environment", this is compilers, which
>> used to compile FreeDOS - and you may use they under any you own
>> environment, where they work, be this MS-DOS, FreeDOS or Linux.
JA> ok, i change my question a bit: As far as i could find out on the web,
JA> there are no turbo C or OW compilers for linux,

     Do you check http://www.openwatcom.org/ ? Don't know current state, but
earlier it was work under many platforms.

JA> with which you can
JA> compile freedos without any DOS-emulators etc. Can you affirm this ?

     Yes, I don't know other 16-bit compilers, which works on platforms,
other that DOS/WIN. So, for using them, you should use emulators (DOSEMU or
virtual machines like Bochs, QEMU, etc).

JA> i'm working on a virtual machine (www.faumachine.org) and looking
JA> for suitable 16-bit C compiler, preferably for linux.

PS: I CC: this letter to freedos-user@ group. Probably, someone there may
give more clues about compiling under Linux.

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