I found <http://www.webhostingratings.com/> to provide a quick front-end to comparing different hosting providers.

Anyone here use DreamHost?  <http://www.dreamhost.com/>

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Jim Hall wrote:
Hi everyone.

Sad news. I just got an email that Llamacom (where FreeDOS.org is hosted) will go out of business on 30 June, so I need to *quickly* figure out a new hosting provider for the web site. I'm sure several people here use a hosting provider for their own web sites, so I'm looking for help/advice.

My needs:

- Linux-based (not Windows)
- PHP / CGI / html (the basics)
- at least 2 POP/IMAP email inboxes
- at least 20 email aliases (most places are unlimited, though)
- at least 10GB month bandwidth (we're pushing 9,617,801 kb per month, these days)
- at least 200MB quota
- SSH shell access to the server
- hosted in US

I'm paying $20(US) per month right now, so I'm hoping to get something for around that.



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