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Ha! What is up with these goofball extender limitations? RAR32 uses RSX extender. I can't decide if there is a weird bug in EMM386 that makes DOS/32A unhappy with >256M and RSX >429M, or if the weirdness is in the extenders themselves.
Precisely I wanted to ask about EMX/RSX, as it seems quite difficult to

- what EMX is exactly
- how does it relate to RSX.EXE?
- how does it compare to WDOSX, if it can be compared?

EMX/RSX came from one or more of the GCC camp of DOS-compatible developers. It appears pretty old, older than WDOSX. Think it should have been superseded by CWSDPMI, since there are references to the older GO32 extender coincident with EMX/RSX documentation, but maybe not.

EMX must be necessary for OS/2 besides RSX because OS/2 is a DPMI server and DPMI is EMX's responsibility.

The basic explanation I came up with on brief research is that RSX is the VCPI-based extender and EMX is the glue to provide an interface to an existing DPMI server and/or acts as a DPMI server itself. EMX is dependent on RSX being present, but RSX is only dependent on EMX for DPMI services. That understanding could be wrong or backwards.

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