Hi!! Thanks for help me!!
When i used umbpci the lh work correct but umbpci put only 122Kb in upper
memory and i need 150kb because i use PC/TCP packets for my program to
cumunicate whit a central server.
I have a .bat like this

lh c:\icr\pctcp\rtspkt 0x60
SET PCTCP=c:\icr\pctcp\pctcp.ini
lh c:\icr\pctcp\ethdrv -m
lh c:\icr\pctcp\scanncrd -A:c:\icr\pctcp\scanncrd.ini

if i use umbpci ping work correctly but scanncred load in conventional
memory because the upper memory is full. So i have to work with emm386
because with it's i have 220kb in upper memory.
Well, i hope you understand me.
Thanks a lot
Enrique Mora

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