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Hi Florian,

>Yes, download the latest kernel. Unzip it and type
>"sys c: fdkernel.sys"

You mean SYS the WinXP's hard disk?
This will overwrite WinXP's boot sector!

>Then you can copy this kernel to c: (has to be FAT32).
>Open and edit boot.ini with an editor.
>Add: "c:\fdkernel.sys=FreeDOS" and save the file.
>Now you can make a autoexec.bat and (fd)config.sys.

But where's the WinXP bootsector? If FreeDOS SYS overwrite the boot
sector of the hard disk, that means WinXP boot sector was gone

I've tried BOOTPART but failed.

According to BOOTPART, the procedure should be:

1) put a bootsector file (e.g. bootsect.dos) in "C:\"
2) edit boot.ini and add the "c:\bootsect.dos"
3) bootpart rewriteroot:c:

I'm confused.


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