Uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads/emm386 are the files emmx203.zip, EMM386/HIMEM mostly executable package, and emms203.zip, EMM386/HIMEM mostly source package.

EMM386 Version 2.03 is a minor update, recommended for those using programs which are bound to the WDOSX DOS extender. It fixes an error which could cause those programs to crash or fail at startup. If you do not ever use the WDOSX extender, 2.03 should operate no differently than 2.02.

Specifically, 2.03 saves the high word of the EAX register when servicing VCPI function DE04h, allocation 4K page. WDOSX apparently uses the high word of the EAX register across the DE04h call, and certain values can make it fail.

This version of EMM386 also adds an IRETD after the HLT emulation instruction in the monitor code, as a safety net should the CPU continue after the HLT instruction. This may help developers with QEMU debugging.

Notice that I am at off-development status for the summer. This notice directly applies to the clown attempting to revive moribund driver projects so as to locate a developer more pliable to his personal software vision. The notice does not apply to bugfixes and FreeDOS users who have legitimate high-priority items. I will continue work as needed on those items, time permitting.

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