14-Июн-2005 16:15 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bernd Blaauw) wrote to

>>let somebody improve CALLVER! The latter would be something like
>>"search the program in PATH and if it is not a BAT file, skip all the
>>"new shell" stuff, as it is not needed for COM and EXE files anyway.
BB> ehm..only start new shell for bat-files? or do I misread stuff?

     You right read. But this again shoots question, how to run batch files
with version-locked MS-command.com.

     The more so, under FreeDOS there is API, which allows you to change
reported version without any TSR and/or shelling. Like:


BB> how to start any MS executables then, which are version-locked?
BB> (COM/EXE files)

     As suggested by Eric:

set oldcs=%comspec%
set comspec=...path to some non-locked shell like FDshell or 4DOS...
callver ...
set comspec=%oldcs%
set oldcs=

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