Hi All:

OK, I'm confused.  I want to try to get NTFS4DOS working from a
bootable CD and loaded into high memory (using DEVICEHIGH).
My first attempt was a failure and resulted in an "out of
memory" error.  I forget the exact message.

I sent an e-mail to the list asking if anyone has done this, but
didn't get any responses.  :-(  There have been lots of e-mails
about debugging problems with loading programs (and drivers
I suppose) high and various options to EMM386 like MEMCHECK
which I intend to try.

I need to put a complete FreeDOS environment on the floppy.
I think I need the newest versions of EMM386 and
HIMEM.SYS to be on the safe side.  Do I need a new kernel
or can I use the "stock" one?  (I mean the one from Beta9SR1
(either the installation CD or the ODIN distribution).

I can get a reasonable config.sys/autoexec.bat from my hard
disk installation, since the ones on ODIN are not useful.

Other than the new EMM386 and HIMEM, and possibly a new
kernel, should I update anything else (command.com?
FORMAT, SYS, something else...)?

Thanks.  I know FreeDOS hasn't done a stable release yet,
but it really is an amazing achievement and very useable.
And, it is the only one of the DOS variants I've found that's
explicitely redistributeable.

I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into FreeDOS.

Mark Bailey

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