Mark Bailey schreef:
If you want the ISO image, please let me know.

I would be interested, to see how you configured FreeDOS, NTFSDOS and your radio logging program(s).

This means that you can walk up to a WindowsXP computer, boot
this CD, and save a contest log file to the hard disk of the

running your program from a ramdisk, then in the end copy the file to netwerk/diskette/harddisk? Then again, I have no idea how big your logfile can become. Just a few 100KB, or several MB?

Then reboot the computer from the LiveCD.  Look at the
output from NTFS4DOS and get the drive letter for the
NTFS partition (probably D:).  Type "Yes" at the Datapol

NTFS4DOS itself can already create a ramdisk, I have absolutely no idea why they do this, though.

Please let me know if you are willing to test this! I
will mail you the 2MByte ISO file and, if you need
them, directions for creating a bootable CD from the
ISO file.

please send the ISO to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I guess it's an ISO containing a 1.44MB diskette image?

glad to see people can use both your used software and NTFS4DOS in a ready2go form (ISO file or diskette image)


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