At 08:23 AM 7/13/2005 -0400, Mark Bailey wrote:

OK.  Development Kernel, Development, Development SYS,
new emm386/himem, NTFS4DOS 1.4.  The INSTALLHIGH failed.

Interestingly, a "LOADHIGH" failed with ALMOST the same error
and a little more information:

DOS/32A fatal (1001):  DOS reported insufficient memory, additional
1KB needed!

Something is still fragmenting your upper memory by eating little bits away in the middle of large chunks you need. I can't figure out what's doing it. You have enough upper memory, you just don't have enough all in one block.

Alright, another suggestion: if your application doesn't use VGA graphics and you're up for a bit of unorthodox reclamation, try keeping the last test CONFIG.SYS and adding I=A000-AFFF to your EMM386 line as another option. That will give another 64K block to upper memory. If you can reclaim the VGA graphics area for upper memory with EMM386, post us another MEM /F /X report so we can see if it is getting fragmented, as well.

Second suggestion: Take out the UMB part of DOS=HIGH,UMB and just have DOS=HIGH. If NTFS4DOS can use upper memory directly from EMM386 instead of through the DOS interface, it just might work. Not all applications and drivers can directly use UMBs that way, though, so I don't know if it will work.

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