Hello, all:
OK, I walked up to this laptop and ran FreeDOS Beta9SR1
from CD.  I did all kinds of fdisk /info /tech and ran it
interactively several times.
All appeared normal.

Current fixed disk drive: 1 (TC: 3648 TH: 254 TS: 63)

Partition Status Mbytes Description Usage Start Cyl End Cyl

1 20 16 Hidden FAT16 0% 0 1

3 7 A 27980 NTFS 98% 16 3582

C: 4 6 494 FAT16 2% 3584 3646


Then, I booted WindowsXP.  Still normal.  Then, I booted my

bootable CD with the development kernel.


FreeDOS kernel version 1.1.35w (Build 2035w -UNSTABLE, Jul 10 2005)


WARNING:  partition Pri: 4 FS 06 has CHS:3584-0-1 not 1023-254-63

WARNING: partition Pri: 4 FS 06 has CHS:3546-254-63, not 1023-254-63

WARNING: partition Pri: 4 FS 06 is not LBA


Please run FDISK to correct this - using LBA to access partition

start 3584-0-1, end 3646-254-63

C:HD1, Pri [ 4], CHS: 3584-0-1, start=28113 MB, size=494 MB

Invalid Opcode...

PANIC:  MCD chain corrupted


I then went back and attempted to reboot Beta9SR1:


WARNING:  Partion ID does not suggest LBA - part PRI: 4 FS 06

and it hung!


FDISK /info /tech or interactively (Y for large disk support, option 4)

appears to have changed my partition table.

WindowsXP is still happy for the moment.  chkdsk notes no errors

on the FAT partition.




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