At 08:38 PM 7/15/2005 +0100, Gerry Hickman wrote:

OK, I am AMAZED at Datapol's technical support.  I sent them
the boot floppy and received a patched version of NTFS4DOS

Sounds great, but where can we get the "patched" version? I mean will it be made available by Datapol?

I suggest that if there is a pressing need, one simply grab a copy of the DOS4GW.EXE file from any of hundreds of sites (it's probably already present on most DOS-based computers) and use it to run the unpatched NTFS4DOS executable. Or go to the Open Watcom site and grab a CauseWay stub, or one of the other compatible extenders, to run the executable. That will override the current bound-in extender with a more well-behaved version.

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