Blair Campbell schreef:
Some new ISOs are available for download.  These ISOs update the
release of OpenGEM to the release that fixes the initial bugs found in
release 4.
Here are the torrents:
and here are the files uploaded to ibiblio:
(binary only)
(source also)

Can you please post a *simple* wattcp.cfg file?
I'm confused at which settings to use in the default wattcp.cfg file, which uses a LOT of comments and hardly any settings.

also is the NE2000 packet driver enough to gain internet access on most computers? (some kind of universal packet driver)
WGET is 386+ ?
How do I know if WGET works or fails? some errorlevel?

I'm mostly using DHCP by the way, if that makes WATTCP.CFG settings easier.

I've looked at ISO content a bit and there's room for improvement indeed. However it might be best to finish my own work before commenting on someone else's work :)


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