At 12:37 AM 7/21/2005 +0200, Bernd Blaauw wrote:

Meanwhile, personally, I don't recommend using FreeDOS FDISK!  :-(

I hope you have the option of using FreeDOS FDISK running under as many MS components as you can (kernel, shell, himem, emm386). A Win98 bootdisk for example.

Just to be absolutely sure it's solely the FreeFdisk program to be blamed.

I'd recommend a test with EMM386 option X=A000-EFFF instead of TEST (i.e. absolutely no UMBs) in case there's an upper memory block that looks good, but is actually used by a disk ROM. Could cause serious confusion if that happens. And then just bare HIMEM, without EMM386, if it still works with full UMB exclusion, in case of a DMA situation.

But it is true, ain't much going to be writing to the partition other than FDISK. Nothing else loaded has the code or the inclination. A driver might be giving it enough rope to hang itself, but nothing else should be doing the hanging.

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