Ok, I just added edit.exe to my boot floppy!  :-)

First, modifying config.sys to:
a:\device=emm386.exe noems X=a000-efff memcheck vds

EMM386 reports "no suitable UMB memory block found"  :-)

FDISK shows a bunch of garbage after "Do you want to use
large disk (FAT32) support (Y/N).  I hit <ESC> <ESC> and rebooted.

The kernel no longer sees the partitions on boot.  So, that still failed,
trashing my partition table.

OK, let's restore it AGAIN.

(I just tried DIR commands on the restored partitions which failed.
They just hung...odd).

Make config.sys

The DIR commands now work.  Reboot again.

Kernel still recognizes the partitions.  emm386.exe not run.

FDISK did NOT trash my MBR.  Bare himem.


> I'd recommend a test with EMM386 option X=A000-EFFF instead of TEST (i.e. 
> absolutely no UMBs) in case there's an upper memory block that looks good, 
> but is actually used by a disk ROM.  Could cause serious confusion if that 
> happens.  And then just bare HIMEM, without EMM386, if it still works with 
> full UMB exclusion, in case of a DMA situation.

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