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>> kn> What's the size limit on a partition for the FreeDOS kernel?
>>      2 Gb for FAT16 partition, 2 Tb for the FAT32 partition. But all
>> programs, which use only 32-bit arithmetics and use plain old DOS functions
>> (non-FAT32 aware) always will see "2 Gb free", even if there (on FAT32
>> partition) is more free space.
CWI> In crashing this machine I found that the extended is limited to 8gig

     If BIOS doesn't present INT13 extension functions - then yes, FreeDOS
limited to 7.8 Gb. If those functions present in BIOS - then FreeDOS may
access all disk space.

CWI> out of which you can carve up your logical partitions which share the
CWI> 2gig limit.

     Again: 2 Gb is a _FAT16_ limit. FAT32 limited to 2 _Tb_.

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