Gerry Hickman schreef:

My FDISK says that it's version 1.3.0 ?? If I go to this site:


check at

1. What happened to the "automatic" creation of an MBR discussed in the other thread? It didn't seem to happen?

any valid MBR starts with AA55, so if no AA55, FDISK /MBR might be done automatically. Am I correct, Eric? Any 'dump MBR to file' programs available so we could verify what the contents of MBR is on an empty (unpartitioned probably?) harddisk?

2. Why did no programs (FDISK and PQMAGIC) warn me at any point that the MBR was missing? They all indicated "Active" and "Bootable" and "no errors"!

which info is for the partitions.

3. Why does Win2k setup program not warn about missing MBR or try to create one?

no idea, ask MS. Also experienced this a few times.

4. How is the MBR supposed to get there in the first place. Is it the job of the partitioning program, the system builder, the o/s setup program...

don't know, you might want to check what MS FDISK does :)
same with partition bootsector: "only by SYS, or also by FORMAT?"


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