Hi Eric,

By default it seems to choose the cluster size based on how big the hard drive is.

No, it trusts the kernel to select a sane cluster size, and indeed the
kernel selects a suitable cluster size for your disk size.


formatting a 2Gb partition, the FORMAT command told me the cluster size was 64K (!), and that Win9x and MS-DOS would not be able to use the partition.

This means that you have partitioned as FAT16 - in that case the ONLY
way to reach over 2 GB (I assume that your partition was a bit more
than 2 GB actually) is to use 64k cluster size.

Yes, and you are RIGHT, the partition came out as "2055Mb". I told it to make a FAT16 partition of 2048Mb (trying to get 2Gb).

FDISK /PRI0:2048

That must be the problem, how can I tell it I only want 2Gb?

> FDISK can be configured
to select whether you want to allow that cluster size or not,
the default config is "behave suitable for Win98" which means
that it will recommend FAT32 for bigger partitions.

OK, well I only wanted a 2Gb partition and wanted to format on 4K boundaries, so I assumed FAT16 would be "better":)

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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