Hi Eric,

Well, why not? Modern home PC mainboards already support RAID (not sure
if they do RAID 5, though) and the CHEAPEST (if you check the per-GB price)
harddisks today are IDE 160 GB ones.

As I see it, RAID 5 is for DATA, not for the o/s. For any modern server you need minimum of 5 disks (or may as well give up). First two disks are RAID 1 (mirror) and that's where the o/s goes, the other three (or more) are for the data and you don't have to worry about booting or partitions on the RAID5 set.

Most home systems don't have SCSI RAID, they tend to have SATA with RAID0 or RAID1. I'm not aware of many home systems with RAID5 and certainly not on SCSI (!), but even if they did there's no point if your o/s and DATA is on the same array.

Anyway, what are you going to do with 145Gb of striped free disk space under FreeDOS! My current FreeDOS build fits on 1.44Mb which can then either be copied to bootable data-stick or bootable CD-ROM.

the BIOS wants you to see, and most BIOSs will only address the first 8Gb. Strangely, Dell latest BIOS's seem to be able to address large SCSI partitions without drivers, but I don't know how.

By supporting INT13 for the SCSI disks, of course. Basically every SCSI
BIOS can do that, otherwise you could not boot DOS from SCSI at all.
If the BIOS REALLY only supports 8 GB then it is a really bad BIOS,

I just remember many setups in days gone by, where I could only see 8Gb until I'd loaded the SCSI driver, setting Int13 on/off didn't make any difference, but actually this may have been a llimitation of the setup programs I was using at the time (DOS and NT4). FreeDOS certainly is better. Is there a good way to test what the BIOS can see for SCSI using FreeDOS? I'm not convinced the numbers in FDISK are an accurate test. I've seen huge hard disks reported under other o/s, and then when you try to write above a certain cylinder (maybe 1024) is goes wrong.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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