Hello all:

OK, now that I've at least identified the FDISK problem, and solved
the DIR divide by zero problem, I need to work on why FreeDOS
doesn't boot and/or run stably on many computers.

Fortunately, I have the Haunted HP Pavilion.  I have a repeateable
problem with the VOL command built into FreeCOM.

Development kernel, development command.com, development
sys.com.  HIMEM.EXE and EMM386.EXE from emmx204.zip.  Booting
from USB floppy.  (EDIT from Beta9SR1 CD :-)).

REM device=a:\emm38.exe x=test max=256M memcheck vds

Boot HP Pavilion:

C: HD1, Pri[ 1], CHS=   0-1-1, start=     0 MB, size=   16MB
WARNING: partition Pri:4 FS 06 has CHS=3584-0-1, not 1023-254-63
WARNING: partition Pri:4 FS 06 has CHS=3646-254-63, not 1023-354-63
WARNING: partition Pri:4 FS 06 is not LBA
Please run FDISK to correct this - using LBA to access partition.
 start 3584-0-1, end 3646-254-63
D: HD1, Pri[ 4], CHS=3584-0-1, start=28113 MB, size=    494 MB
FreeDOS HIMEM64 4.11 [...]
HIMEM - BIOS A20 method used

A:\>  vol c:
 Volume in drive C has no label
 Volume Serial Number is 2640-14E4

A:\> vol d:
 Volume in drive D has no label
 Volume Serial Number is 6D08-68B3


Change config.sys to:
device=a:\emm386.exe x=test max=256M memcheck vds

and reboot.

EMM386 2.04 [...]
selected page frame e000 not available, searching automatically
using PAGEFRAME e000:0000

A:\> vol d:

That's it...no output and no return.

Repeat, removing MEMCHECK option from emm386.  Still hangs.
Remove x=test and add NOEMS.  

(config.sys now:
device=a:\emm386.exe noems max=256M vds)

Screen full of rapidly repeating garbage I can't read...looks like
a register dump...the pattern looks like two lines but it scrolls
by so fast I can't read it until I turn the power off.

Add memcheck to device=a:\emm386 line.  No change, rapidly
scrolling garbage.  Remove NOEMS.  

EMM386 2.04 [...]  No other lines from EMM386.  Boots normally,
A:\> vol d: hangs.

Help!  How do I start to debug this?!?!  This is the same machine 
which has FDISK overwriting the partition table whenever it is run
with EMM386.


Mark Bailey

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