At 10:13 AM 7/29/2005 +0000, Mark Bailey wrote:

This appears to be the same bug that caused FDISK to
wipe out the MBR, so it at least appears that just initializing
the VDS functions is trashing something in memory.

No such thing. VDS functions just are, they don't initialize. Only thing that VDS actively changes is that INT 4Bh is revectored and a bit is set at 40:7bh.

Ha! That's it. Some SCSI BIOS uses INT 4BH. It must be passing the register value that VDS interprets as a VDS function, which means AH = 81h. Hmm, let me look things over to see if there's a way to resolve the conflict by further determining the difference or if it's inherently incompatible.

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