On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 11:47:48 +0100, you wrote:

Hi Gerry,

>Well so far I really like FDISK, it's small and fast and appears to do 
>everything it's supposed to.

I like FDISK also, almost identical interface as MS and have enhanced

>I've never needed to use the GUI.

GUI (the current version should be UI) is for the beginners and
operators, I don't mind using UI or GUI since FDISK is not a TSR, size
is not a problem. And easier navigation only made the program more
user friendly, you can keep using command line.

>I have not been hit by the MBR bug, despite testing on a wide range of 
>systems with both SCSI and IDE drives, everything from totally empty 
>drives up to drives which are fully partitioned and with operating 
>systems. I've never seen it write an MBR automatically or damage a 
>partition table, but we know there's a hole in the safety net of the 
>current version and this is being worked on.

Maybe in point form for easier reading:

1) Current version FDISK 1.2.1 have potential problem, personally I
always run into trouble with it, but not lethal

2) Jeremy's patched 1.2.1-k, it kills two of my PC's MBR, now I've to
rebuild everything from scratch

3) Jeremy's 1.3.0 beta, which never runs on my PC with "Error 0
reading sector 0x3f"

>I wonder if the MBR hole is still present when *not* using the GUI? If 
>it's not, that would explain why I've never been hit by it!

I'll try to use command line, thanks for your inspiration.


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