Good day, all:

I am having a repeatable problem with
"del *.*" on an NTFS partition mounted by NTFS4DOS.

I can do a DIR on the directory I am using (\TEMP) and see
86 files.  A "del *.*" deletes 74 of them and yields two

E:\TEMP\LICENSE.D32: Invalid Argument
E:\TEMP\SAVE.DBG: Invalid Argument

(Oddly, these two files ARE deleted).  This is with the 
development kernel...the debug kernel does not print
these two errors but behaves the same way).

A subsequent "del *.*" deletes 6 of the twelve files.
A subsequent "del *.*" deletes 3 of the remaining 6 files.
A subsequent "del *.*" deletes 2 of the remaining files.
A subsequent "del *.*" gets the last one.

This is repeatable.  I will start reading FreeCOM code, but does
anyone have any ideas?  I also have a report of a wildcard
copy hanging a computer, but I cannot reproduce that one yet.

This is on the "Haunted HP Pavilion", so clustersize is 2MB.
However, I haven't found any more accesses to bytes_per_sector
in FreeCOM.

Any ideas?

Mark Bailey

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