Hi Bernd,

Yes it sucks indeed.

As I see it, there are three separate issues:

1. Moving OEM installs can be a pain
2. Lack of SATA BIOS support can be a pain
3. Restore disks can be a pain

With XP, this is all compounded by the Activation system. There are many people complaining on the microsoft groups about problems moving to new hardware and not being able to re-activate.

You could consider sticking to IDE instead of SATA.

Interestingly, BIOS's such as Dell on Intel hardware appear to be able to see SATA hard drives via INT13 just like any other hard drive, so in this case it's not an issue. In the case of FreeDOS it's pretty much essential to have this kind of support otherwise how will it see the SATA drive? If FreeDOS FDISK can see your SATA drive correctly, you should be able to re-install XP without sepcial drivers, although I've seen a strange thing in the past where I could access SATA from DOS, but not from Windows!

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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