At 01:08 AM 7/31/2005 +0100, Gerry Hickman wrote:

Oh good grief. EMM386 doesn't have the code or capability to mess with disk partitions. Period.

But if drive geometry is being misreported or misunderstood under EMM386 with VDS (which appears to be the case), then my guess is that it would be dangerous to run any kind of disk tool while the system is in that state? Even writing a file to a disk could cause corruption.

In the same way that a keyboard driver could be dangerous to run with a disk tool if there were a bug in it, or if it caused a normally hidden bug in the disk tool to activate.

DOS system code is wide open to corruption from any driver or application, a situation generally regarded as one of its biggest faults.

Without a system which displays the symptoms -- which I don't have -- it's almost impossible for me to say what's going on. Likeliest candidate for causing the problem is that there is still a conflict with some SCSI interfaces and an active VDS (4bh) interrupt. We know that at least one SCSI spec directly conflicted with VDS. However, other candidates cannot be ruled out, or even marginalized.

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