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What is the correct procedure for getting a "working boot program" into the "valid Master Boot Record", and who supplies this program? Is it Microsoft, Intel??

Hard drives usually have a default MBR, just as pre-formatted floppies have default FAT the information in them. One book I read (I think "Dissecting DOS") was considering the MBR as part of the OS itself.

I now realize why I have not experienced this very often. Most computers arrive with XP pre-installed, and I have to FDISK them to get rid of it, but those drives STILL HAVE an MBR right? I never really thought about it before now. The drive I took out of it's bag today was one of the few drives I get to play with that have never been used...

Yes, they do have it, with the empty partition table within them. There's something called "low lever formatting" of a hard drive. I assume this includes creating a MBR with empty partition table within them, but I've never digged into this myself.


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