Eric wrote:

>PPS: Acrobat/DOS can do PDF 1.1-almost1.2? Indeed old. But most current
>are 1.4 / 1.5? I do not think so. My up-to-1.3 acroread/Linux displays
>all files so far. Probably some companies thinking "it is new so everybody
>must use it to force all others to use it as well", without thinking about
>whether 1.4 / 1.5 actually has features which are useful in that context.

  I told what I saw. 
  I think most large companies upgrade their Acrobat from time to time without
any regard whether or not it is really needed, and their personnel does not
care to configure Distiller (if this is possible ) to produce a lower PDF
version output. Indeed, I saw nothing in any PDF 1.5 document I viewed that
could not be present with PDF 1.3 . BTW-Most files I view are electronic
components datasheets/specifications.

 This also happens with other programs. One blatant example are websites-
many require some late version of IE/Netscape wthout any good reason for it.


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