Gerry Hickman schreef:
But you don't need a CD-Writer for FreeDOS. They offer a 1.44 floppy IMG file for Beta9SR1 together with RAWRITE. You can just extract the files you need from there...if you have WinImage it's even easier, as you can drag and drop direct from within the IMG file.

(I'm sure you know this already!).

Any Windows which can boot into DOS has an easy way of installing:
-download ISO to c:\fdbootcd.iso
-create bootdisk
-boot from bootdisk, which should find the ISO file automatically.

I'm currently working on a single 1.44MB bootdisk which allows to install FreeDOS completely. Trick for this is downloading the ISO file from the internet, using WGET. If I would change to CURL and use MKISOFS for DOS, then I could work on FreeDOS on a dedicated machine and also upload from there.

I'm extensively using WinImage. Too bad FreeDOS DISKCOPY isn't as flexible as either WinImage and RAWRITE yet.


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