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I think you misunderstood this in the context of the thread as a whole. We were comparing ways of quickly getting a FreeDOS file. Bernd suggested a series of steps using the CD ISO file and I was saying "it's easier to just use the 1.44Mb IMG files". Then you kind of said "You should get the 1.44Mb IMG files":)

indeed. Also there's a difference of what people want
*core: get ODIN, do FDISK/FORMAT/SYS C: and system is ready.
*basic: get ODIN
*basic+: get Beta9 bootdisk and 2 BASE data disks (diskset 1..8)
*full: get ISO and if needed also bootdisk. Boot from whichever boots on
       your system. Now install and get a complete(well..) FreeDOS
       environment installed

for me it's simple: get ISO and boot VMware.
for real systems with network card or modem it will be easy:
get 1.44MB floppy, load packetdriver or PPP program, then download the ISO to ramdisk (systems with 16MB+ RAM) or harddisk, and install.

but currently I broke things by mistake it seems in my development bootdisk :( Sometimes I really hate the complexity of my batchfiles and the limitations of batchcoding! :)


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