Gerry Hickman schreef:
Hi Eric,

Hi, I suggest that you do something like:
- load the ramdisk and use a known label
set olddir=%_cwd%
finddisk +RAMDRIVE (or whatever your label is, note: case sensitive)
if "%errorlevel%"=="0" goto noRamdiskFound
set ramdisk=%_cwd%
cdd %olddir%
set olddir=
- you are done :-)

cdd %_cwd%
finddisk +RAMDRIVE
if not "%errorlevel%"=="0" set ramdisk=%_CWD%
cdd -

Finddisk can also return the found drive letter as errorlevel, but
then you need either 20+ "if ... errorlevel ..." lines or a FOR loop
or some "bennylevel" tricks (which FreeCOM versions support those?).

at least 0.83pl3 and newer.
(the binary is 511 bytes big...)

smaller than a boot sector!

nice :)

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