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Dear everyone

I thought I would share some news that may be of interest to a lot of
people out there.

First of all, OpenGEM is after going German!  OpenGEM Deutsch is now
at release candidate 1, and should be a fully functional German
OpenGEM!  We'd love if you downloaded it and tested it on your FreeDOS
machines (or DR DOS, REAL/32 etc etc), and let us know if everything
works okay.  You can download OpenGEM Deutsch Release 4 RC1 from
http://gem.shaneland.co.uk  Thank you to Thorsten Franke for making
this possible.

Secondly, OpenGEM is nearly ready to go multi-tasking.  This is big
news.  OpenGEM is a stable GUI with applications, bindings for many
languages, and a SDK. It's popular, and growing its userbase all the
time.  Once we're multi-tasking (IMHO) we'll be a pretty killer app
for FreeDOS.  Windows 3.1 eat your heart out :P

OpenGEM/XM will be based on the FreeGEM/XM beta 4 code, which is
almost stable and is itself based on the DR GEM/XM code.  It has
functioned on several machines already.  However, it needs debugging
and some additional programming.  Therefore, consider this a call for
programmers!  If you can use C please contact me at
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and help me get this system out there.  I'd love
to see FreeDOS get a stable, mature multi-tasking GUI as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in developing for OpenGEM, don't
forget that there is a SDK at http://gem.shaneland.co.uk

New GEM applications are always welcome, and if you use the GDScript
language to make GEM front-ends to DOS applications as well.  That
could be an interesting idea.  Imagine if users had the option to call
FreeDOS applications from inside GEM?

Now, before we all get too excited (or bored), I'd like to ask
something.  I want to know what you guys would like to see OpenGEM
become for its future with FreeDOS.  What functions and abilities do
you want to see, what do you want to avoid, and what do you think
would be cool?

For some of my own ideas, you can see a small interview with me
talking about OpenGEM in general here:

There is an interview with me talking about the OpenGEM Release 4
family here: http://gem.shaneland.co.uk/interview2.html

Regards to all


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Shane M. Coughlan BA(hons) MA

WEB: www.shaneland.co.uk

AOL: ShaneMCoughlan
Yahoo: shane_c
ICQ: 32280303
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"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
 - Douglas Adams
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