This time, I still get TWO items on the Windows NT/2000 boot loader menu

1. Windows 2000
2. MS-DOS (as opposed to "Previous Operating System on C:")

I can confirm this: strangely upgrading from DOS 6.22, Win2000setup doesn't finish and I get a spontaneous reboot during last phase of setup.

Hehe, so I guess there's a difference between simply using DOS 6.22
format, and actually using DOS 6.22 SYS. Maybe the IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and
COMMAND.COM cause the issue.

FORMAT C: (using the MS bootdisk), then copy IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS to the harddisk, and COMMAND.COM. This should get the same result as 'SYS C:'

once that's done, test it.
After that, try only switching the bootsector by creating a replacement bootsector for DOS 6.22 using FreeDOS SYS v3.6 (

Then install Win2000. It should offer either 'previous OS' (because of unrecognized bootsector) or MS-DOS 6.22 (because of not only the unrecognized bootsector, but also the presence of files that it points to: MSDOS.SYS, IO.SYS (and


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