Blair Campbell wrote:
Do you know of any working DOS drivers for the VIA VT8233(A) audio on
this MSI motherboard:

The only ones I can think of are VIAAUDIO.COM and VIAFMTSR.COM
available from VIA.
Yes, but none of these work on my motherboard. I have two versions of VIAUDIO.COM: one is 439 bytes, while the other is 516 bytes.

The 439b version prints the following when executed:
"If you want to run DOS legary game, please enable sound blaster Pro on BIOS setting first."

The 516b version prints the following:
"The VIA Legacy Game Software need not be installed
(PS : If you want to play Convertional Dos Game
Please Turn on the Sound Blaster Function in your BIOS Setup Menu)"

Of course, I have no such setting in my BIOS.

> If these do not work, you could take some of the
> source code to MPXPlay and write your own driver :).

Yes, now if only I was skilled enough to write a device driver. :(

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