Hi all,

I would like to announce the release of the official library files 
(KEYBOARD.SYS and KEYBRD2.SYS) for the latest KEYB, which is v2.0 pre3. It's 
important to notice that they aren't compatible with any earlier FreeDOS 
KEYB version or any other OSes KEYB.

There are 81 layouts available on those two library files, which are 
enhanced versions (the Euro sign) of all the layouts available on MS-DOS(c) 
v6.22 as far as v8.0 as well as IBM OS/2 and old third-party solutions for 
layouts which have never been assisted by the major industry. There is 
detailed documentation available on both packages.

They can be downloaded from:


Also, I would like to announce a new version of the codepage pack of 
DOS-oriented codepages, CPIDOS v1.3. In case you haven't downloaded any 
earlier version, this package is mandatory. For the newcomers to DOS-like 
operating systems: codepages are sets of characters to type in languages 
which require accented characters or even whole different alphabets and also 
currency signs, those shade and linedraw characters used to create and 
illustrate DOS boxes, mathematical symbols, special punctuation signs, etc.

The only difference between CPIDOS v1.2 and v1.3 is the relocation/inclusion 
of 2 codepages to take advantage of enhancements on the hungarian and polish 
keyboards. Hungarians can now use, if necessary, an old cp437-derived 
hungarian codepage which presents the Hungarian Forint (Ft) sign and 
kashubian-speaking poles can now type in that language. More details on the 
documentation available on the package.

CPIDOS v1.3 can be downloaded from 

Have a nice day,
Henrique Peron,

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