> I'm confused, Eric.  My version of Edit is labeled
> 0.7d.

There is a typo in the subject line.  It should be 0.7d pre-release.
(Or you are responding to a very old e-mail :))

> I have been using it for awhile now and I like
> it a lot, with the calendar and the ascii table.  It
> seems to be stable, too.

Eric Auer says:

"The 0.7d is still not a
fully official release as I had hoped that 0.7d-
final could include the updated help file. If it
will take long until somebody helps out with that,
I could just call 0.7d official and then call the
version with the updated help file 0.7e."

> The way the program is now, it makes the most of a
> spare interface, which is good.  I could see adding a
> calculator.  Are you going to use calc387 for that?

Edit neither contains 8086-incomatible code or assembler code, so this
isn't really an option.  "But you can go to a DOS shell to call
calc387, of course ;-)."

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