Hi all,

this is to announce the release of new keyboard layout library files for 
FreeDOS and a new package of DOS-oriented codepages.
The details are as follows.

KEYBOARD.SYS, KEYBRD2.SYS new release: KPDOS package v2.1

 This is an important update to US keyboard users: the US Dvorak keyboard 
 being loaded instead. Furthermore, the documentation was greatly improved;
 the US and UK (standard) keyboards have been enhanced to type esperanto,
 maltese and afrikaans (the US keyboard was also enhanced to type maori); 
 norwegian and swedish/finnish keyboards were enhanced to type saami and
 karelian languages, as well as ingrian and livonian. Important: nothing has
 changed on the behaviours of all the keyboards mentioned above when they're
 used with their regular (e.g. cp858) codepages. Last but not least, support
 for the maltese keyboard (as released in Malta in Feb/2005) was added. For
 users who haven't downloaded any former KPDOS package, this is mandatory in
 order to use your keyboards. There is detailed documentation available on
 both packages.

 They can be downloaded from:

 CPIDOS v1.4: New pack of DOS-oriented codepages

 This new package is only necessary for norwegian and finnish/swedish
 keyboard owners to type saami and karelian languages, ingrian and livonian.
 For users who haven't downloaded any former CPIDOS package, this is
 mandatory in order to use your keyboards. Detailed documentation is
 available in the package.

 It can be downloaded from: 

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