Announcing an update to OpenGEM, the FreeDOS GUI
OpenGEM Release 4 Update 5 is now available (1/9/05)

OpenGEM Release 4 Update 5 is now available for OpenGEM Core, Complete,
Deutsch and Experimental. This is a minor update for OpenGEM Core and
Deutsch, but contains important bug fixes for OpenGEM Complete. The most
important news is that OpenGEM Release 4 Update 5 sees the end of
OpenGEM Experimental. Update 5 replaces OpenGEM Experimental with the
new Project Liberation software. Project Liberation is beta software
based on OpenGEM Experimental, and will become the foundation for
OpenGEM Release 5. It has advanced features like 3D windows, automatic
drive detection, an internal file viewer, and new icons, pointers and
colours and a great new system font. If you have an existing OpenGEM
distribution you can download the updates from If you want to download a new
complete version of OpenGEM you can get it from If you want to find out
more about Project Liberation, including seeing screenshots, you can do
so from

OpenGEM 4 and Project Liberation should work perfectly on FreeDOS Beta 9
or above.

Shane M. Coughlan BA(hons) MA


AOL: ShaneMCoughlan
Yahoo: shane_c
ICQ: 32280303
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