Carlos wrote:

>The screenshots look great! I'm gonna use it.
>Thanks Shane
You're welcome Carlos!  OpenGEM GUI has been under development now since
late 2001, and we've been focusing strongly on FreeDOS since around
mid-2002.  With OpenGEM 4 we finally got a GUI framework that was around
the level of commerical stability, and Project Liberation is building on
that.  Hopefully by the time it's out of beta, we'll have an
exceptionally strong GUI for FreeDOS.

Many people deserve thanks for what's happening in OpenGEM now.  John
Elliott, who has programmed all the new stuff.  Thorsten Franke, who
made the German translation for OpenGEM 4.  Blair Campbell, who did the
testing needed to get Project Liberation released.  And many more!

You can find out more about Project Liberation at

You can read an interview about it at



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