Hi all!

I want to release SWORD 2.30 next week. Most is finished now. I have developed many new functions and have fixed a lot of bugs. And I want to fix as many leftover bugs as possible. So, PLEASE test the test program :-) The main goal is to provide FreeDOS's and Enhanced Dr-DOS's developers a little and powerful GUI-library.

You can download the test program, compiled with SWORD 2.30 from


Both includes an UPXed exe file. Unzip it into a new directory. Use "start.bat" to execute the program. The first time you will be asked for some settings. If you want to test others, just type "image -setup" or "image -setup -verbose".

Known bugs:
1) Command Window
2) "Set Time/Date"-dialog isn't implemented
3) problems with some screensizes/colormodes.
4) Sometimes it seems to hang at startup. But please wait :-)

IMPORTANT: If the program doesn't switch into graphic mode, but exit to command line, then type "image -setup" and try another screensize or colormode (16M/Truecolor should always work).

PLEASE tell me all problems or things you would change! Thanks!
I am happy about any feedback!

Bye, Flo

PS: You can download a DOS un-7-zip program from http://www.mysoftware.cjb.net/

PPS: It uses an update version of GRX 2.4.7. When i will release SWORD 2.30 next week, i will also zip this updated version and make it public.

Unofficial Dr-DOS page  <http://www.drdos.org>
SWORD - GUI for DOS <http://stud3.tuwien.ac.at/~e0225895/sword>

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