I haven't found out yet what the exact file usage/setup for MS-NET is,
and if it can be set up (configured) dynamicly.

I'm currently using MSCLIENT 3.0 under FreeDOS for production builds, and it's totally stable, but one day I'd like to find a true FreeDOS alternative.

The way I run it at present, is to have three driver sub-folders (one for each NIC model in my organization). The CHOICE command prompts the user for the NIC they want, they choose the NIC and those files are copied to the RAMDRIVE. The NET START command is then issued and it loads the correct NDIS drivers and starts the network.

I looked at Bart's modular disk, but in the end decided to just make my own.

Here's the article I used to learn how to do it:


Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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