Hi Kemas,

i have a problem when using MSCLIENT 3.0 with clipper build application,

What is "clipper"?

cannot copy file to the share drive from inside the application but when i
still ue dos, its ok. do you have the same probelm like me?

Hmm, not sure what you mean. I can certainly connect to shares on big file servers after authentication by NTLM and copy hundreds of files back and forth onto any device attached to the box running FreeDOS. I've never tried to set up FreeDOS as a server though....

can you tell me how much conventional memory and umb do you get?

Well that's the whole reason I switched to FreeDOS. I was having trouble under MS-DOS after loading all the TCP/IP and MS network TSRs. The most recent server I bought had a ton of EEPROM mappings in BIOS and suddenly my old DOS boot disk ran out of memory.

I then moved to FreeDOS with latest HIMEM and UMBPCI and suddenly I've got more conventional memory than I know what to do with. Best real-mode o/s I've ever used.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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