Uploaded to 
and freedos.sharedaemon.org are the latest FreeDOS Beta9 Enhanced
Release CD ISOs.  This release is mostly a bugfix release but also
contains new packages like ARJ, and updates packages like HXRT.  The
bugs that are fixed are mostly to do with 'missing packages'.  The
386-optimized kernel has been removed from the installation, although
it can still be installed with "fdcdrom sys32".  The method used to
insert the bootsplash commands in config.sys and autoexe.bat has
changed, so I would REALLY appreciate people testing this and telling
me how it works.  I would consider this release to be the most stable
release so far.  Note that packages promistd such as DOOM, DJGPP, and
Ghostscript have not been added yet, as this is a bugfix release. 
They will likely find their way into the next release.

Also note that I now have a homepage hosted at freedos.sharedaemon.org
 For those of you who don't know, freedos.sharedaemon.org hosts
torrents for the ISOs while ibiblio hosts the ISOs for download by
http.  Freedos.sharedaemon.org may not be updated for a while, so if
you prefer to download by torrent please wait for the news item to

If you are wanting to update from a previous ISO, you can patch your
old one with Xdelta using the patches available from
.  If you go to freedos.sharedaemon.org, you will find links to
versions of Xdelta for DOS, Windows, and Linux.  Also note that Xdelta
can likely be compiled for other POSIX-compliant Operating Systems.

The MD5SUMs for the new ISOs are:

723537f07352d55e4ad6a4962be3c123 *FreeDos-Boot-CD-With-Sources-2005-09-07.iso
5df3b60f9f652ab6e4c17dc68bd023b8 *FreeDos-Boot-CD-Without-Sources-2005-09-07.iso

And the new Readme is available at:


Happy testing!

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