Many thanks for this, Bernd: I'll look at your code and the web site tomorrow morning.

Just to be curious, where did you obtain MS Client files (disk1, disk2)?

On the page "Connection from a DOS-system to an NT4 Server"
there are two links to:

Also of interest are:

Connecting from a DOS-system to a Windows95 or NT4 Workstation:

Connection from a DOS-system to an NT4 Server
(netbeui installation instructions):
[Is there a way of using NetBieu on XP, as adding TCP/IP makes the system unusably big? OK communicating with Win9x with just netbieu, though]

Connecting from a DOS-system using TCP/IP:

DOS-based Microsoft Network Server:
(server upgrade for the MS client):

Hope this is of use to you.
Best Wishes,
Eric Twose.

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