On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 00:56 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:
> hi, you should try metaboot for that. should not be that hard...
> 1. install pcdos
> 2. store the pcdos boot sector to a file (newer freedos SYS can do
> that, but OSCHECK can do it as well - somewhere on my homepage...)
> 3. install freedos
>    ... and get a copy of the boot sector in a file (SYS can do that
> while installing, or use again OSCHECK)
> 4. SYS with kernel name metakern sys and crea

That is fine for a dos only system.  I was planning to use grub and add
a section for freedos.  So that I would boot Suse(default) PCDOS and
FreeDOS each on their own partitions.  I was filling up my small 9
gig /home partition so I added a 40gig drive half of which is the
new /home.  I now have a 9 gig primary partition hda4 to use.  I can not
push it into the extended partition because PCDOS only sees 8gig.  If
freedos has overcome these limitations then it will work, otherwise Ill
have to wait for the next major suse release then I can free up the
small drive.

One question can Freedos use such large partitions and can it use other
than hda1 which is the first partition on the first drive where PCDOS
must reside?


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