> Excellent question.  I'm trying to find someone to port GnuPG 1.4.1 to
> DOS.  That would enable us to make a little GnuPG frontend for OpenGEM
> and GEMini.

Great idea!

> Perhaps...*ahem*...Blair might like to try the challenge :P


This web page has a link to GPG for DJGPP binaries.  Unfortunately,
the link is broken, and I have tried to e-mail the maintainer but
haven't yet gotten a reply (although the page is fairly new).  I have
been trying to compile GPG for DJGPP myself, but progress has been
stalled for now as the computer with DJGPP is now broken.  So for now
I have been porting (with some success) progs to Watcom.  I've
successfully ported LCAB, CABExtract (although it doesn't yet work), a
GIF animator (untested), and unshield (also untested).  Perhaps I may
try to port GPG to Watcom but I believe it to be far too complex to
try for now.

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