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This version of EMM386 has a number of compatibility changes


While on the topics of VDS, the VDS option is now on by default. Too many environments require this to leave it as optional, plus a default on condition matches Microsoft EMM386. There exist SCSI setups which will REQUIRE you to turn off VDS support via the new NOVDS option. Unfortunately for those SCSI-ites, the people who need VDS outnumber the people who need to not have VDS, so they lost out. Or maybe the people who need VDS just yell louder. Ahh well, same difference to me. I like quiet.

A better option would be to get to the bottom of why SCSI and VDS do not like each other. SCSI is a drive interface - I don't see how it can be affected by VDS unless there's something bigger going on. It may he SCSI is merely showing up the problem, as opposed to BEING the problem?

the amount up to $60.00 and made the contribution on August 9, specified for where it was most needed with the title 'FreeDOS'. Confirmation e-mail available on request.

Very nice, but I don't get it? You are spending hours developing this excellent Free software, and then paying out to charities based on it's popularity??

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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