Thanks for getting me straightened out on which version of FreeDOS I was using, Bernd. The updated versions of all the software seem to be working much better, including edit :)

After stripping out enough to get a 720K disk, I was able to successfully boot the ODIN floppy with the DCAM950 and FDCD drivers, and read the CDROM drive! Of course, I've now updated my hard-drive installation with the files from this disk :)

It appears all my troubles were related to using an outdated version of the distribution. For refrence I used the files located at:

Using readme.txt to determine how to cull the files down to 720K, then writing to disk of course; then editing the configuration files to add the necessary directives, as established previously in the thread (duplicated here for clarity):
Configuration Directives to load driver:

Config.sys example:


DEVICE=DCAM950.EXE /CA00 3| says that there's a Future Domain SCSI controller at address CA00h, IRQ 3. These settings match
the jumpers on the SCSI card itself. I set the card to IRQ 3 so it wouldn't
conflict with the hard drive controller on the motherboard.

DEVICE=FDCD.SYS /D:FDCD0001 /F/R/Z| says that there's a CDROM drive attached to the controller. The |/D:MSCD0001| gives the drive an ID so that MSCDEX can use it (see below). The other bits (|/F/R/Z| are options to do with scanning for the drive, and probably aren't necessary).

Autoexec.bat example:
shsucdx /Q /D:FDCD0001

I also tested the aspicd.sys driver you requested a test of, I tried the following fdconfig.sys combinations of drivers -

1) This did not work:

DEVICE=dcam950.exe /de000 5
DEVICE=aspicd.sys /d:fdcd0001

2) This did not work, as I found as soon as I tried it that aspi2dos.sys is for AIC-6xxx controllers:

DEVICE=aspicd.sys /d:fdcd0001

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